Monday, March 26, 2007

Finding My Voice

Why I had to get involved in the battle against human trafficking….My message come down to respect – for others and ourselves.

As a Christian, I believe each of us is made in the image of God and that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ suffered and died for the pleasure of redeeming us to spend eternity with Him. Who am I not to value you or myself?

When Jesus came to earth, He didn’t spend His time with the rich, powerful, and religious. He loves us for our hearts, not what we do or think we possess. I am mightily blessed to have received cleansing from my sins and redemption of my eternity. If we believe what we say we do, Christians have an obligation to share beautiful truth with others. We are His hands and feet – if we’re not reaching out to the lost, binding the wounds of the broken, and protecting those who can’t protect themselves can we say we are truly His?

Listen for your call. Find your place in the Body. Raise your voice.


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