Saturday, January 13, 2007

Are we doing our job?

Christians are the body if Christ. We are each designed for a particular purpose. If any of us aren’t fulfilling our purpose, the rest suffer – and we can’t effectively reach out to the lost and hurting.

When we live our parts and let the Spirit control our movement, we find unmatched peace and joy. When people look at us, they want what we have.

I’ve been praying to find my place. And praying that when people look at me they see Him. I spent a long time seeking my own way and pursuing selfish desires. There are people who have been parts of my life for whom I don’t see how my testimony can ever be untarnished. They have seen who I could be while professing a relationship with Christ. It is only Him who could set me free, and it is only Him who can use my past for good. My responsibility is to let Him. How it all works itself out remains to be seen. There are times when I am comfortable with my inability to see the bigger picture, but still struggle when even my next step is shrouded. I’m learning to step out in faith, and when I do it’s wonderful. But there are times I still allow that fear to creep back in.

But I don’t want to fail the body. I don’t want to weigh down my brothers and sisters, or cause anyone to stumble. I don’t want the world to look at me and think there is nothing worthwhile in faith. I don’t want to miss “Well done, good and faithful servant.” I want my Father to be proud of His daughter!

The church is failing our nation. When even those who claim Jesus as Savior do not want to find a local body to fellowship and grow with, something is wrong. How are we seen here?

Some accuse us of hypocrisy. Well, we all know hypocrisy exists in the church. But for the most part, we know and admit who we are – SINNERS saved by GRACE. There is no difference in any person’s worthiness. We are all completely worthy – and completely unworthy – to receive God’s grace. No one on earth is worthy to judge.

Some think we are too “good.” And I think I’ve already covered that. True goodness comes from God.

Then there are the churches that make Sunday morning a fashion show. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t show respect for our Lord and His house of worship, but how we look when we go there should not cause people to feel they can’t come because they don’t have nice enough clothes. I don’t recall Jesus ever asking anyone to go take a bath and put on best clothes to receive healing. Come as you are.

I personally have the most trouble with those who think we’re crazy, irrational, dependent on a psychological crutch. I have always had a problem – yes, it’s MY problem – with being made to feel ignorant. And, you know, a lot of what they say makes sense. But if you’re working from the wrong foundation, no matter how nice the building looks, it won’t stand up. The theory of evolution, for example, makes sense…if you don’t look too far back. Their only explanation for the beginning goes against their rules for everything since.

There are plenty of excuses for people to disregard the church and the God we serve. Some are misconceptions. And some are honest observations – and those I don’t want to contribute to.


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