Poetry FUN on a cold, winter morning

Poetry FUN on a cold, winter morning

Many people have been interested in the diamante poems, so I thought I’d bring this February 2013 post back for a visit.

Next time the kids get out the diamante stickers we made for an academic-fair activity, I’ll have to get the camera out to capture a new batch of poems for you!

I’ve added basic instructions for creating your own diamante poems at the end of the post. Have fun!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

No, Down Here…
Big Brother’s Shadow
For You
Helicopters: Maple Trees Waiting to Happen
Young Cherry Tomatoes
The Fence Won’t Give
Maple Junior
Energy for Change
As High as You Can See

Thought I’d try this week’s Photo Challenge. Which of these photos do you think best represents growth?

Check out a late addition!!

What I try to capture from behind the camera… My Photos: Gratefully Seeking Grace