Week of October 29, 2012

Blessings surround us… Give us eyes to see…


1010. New Matt Redman- inspired goal of 10,000 gifts 🙂

1011. “Happifying” breakfast of Scripture, leftover Chinese food, and oversized mug of chocolate milk


1012. Sunshine after a wet, blustery night

1013. Nora’s well-child checkup went well – three healthy children!

1014. Hobby Lobby

1015. Cool new beads and wires, and jewelry ideas to go with them


1016. My oldest son who turns 11 today… though I hardly know where the time went!

1017. Short walk, good talk with a friend

1018. Nora and the other preschoolers enjoying their Harvest Party and getting to help out


1019. Operation Christmas Child! PCS packing party for the boys tomorrow. 🙂

1020. A little more progress on the boys’ room… and everyone dealing pretty well with the room not being done in time for them to move in this weekend

1021. Being warm and dry in our home and vehicle

1022. Having the gas to get us where we need to go

1023. More useful, proper tools for working with wire, and the anticipation of getting things ready for the PCS auction

1024. Scripture in the morning… comfort and conviction of finding myself, my weaknesses, my struggles and the answers on those blessed pages

1025. So many FB friends participating in 30 Days of Gratitude again this year – and so many stating that it needs to be more than a month-long celebration-of-Thanksgiving thing

1026. Two fewer loads of laundry left to do


1027. Pasta-and-marshmallow-building and tabletop-earthquake fun with elementary students

1028. “International” lunch with elementary students and their funny reaction to the administrator’s “worm” dish

1029. Packing shoeboxes with elementary students – love Operation Christmas Child

1030. A big, puffy pile of fleece blankets knotted by elementary students

1031. A very special group of elementary students 🙂


1032. More consistent nights of sleep off med

1033. Getting ready… getting our messy house ready for Grandparent-guests… to celebrate Jonathan turning 11 this week

1034. Jonathan’s excitement over his Leg0-set and new-toolbox-and-tools gifts from Grandpa

1035. An “extra” hour 🙂

1036. Slow but steadyish progress on the house

1037. Having the chance to encourage others’ gratitude by liking FB “thankful for” status updates


1038. Being able to wake up closer to 6:30, a good time for me, thanks to the “extra” hour of the end of Daylight Savings Time

1039. Getting over my angry attitude about being late for Sunday School BEFORE we got ther

1040. A new boy in Sunday School

1041. Good Soul Shift sermon – while we need to uphold the boundaries GOD has set, but tear down the fences men have built, fences that both create divisions within the Body and keep people out

1042. Warm fellowship and yummy fun with our church family’s Soup Cookoff

1043. A late-Sunday-afternoon nap

1044. Jonathan’s pleasure at being able to have birthday-dinner leftovers this evening and how happy all three kids were to have cake and a little soda

1045. Bedtime prayer and snuggles

1046. Being warm and dry in our home

1047. Reminder of the necessity to read and know Scripture to know and love God’s boundaries as well as to know and love Him

1048. Another opportunity to read and “Like” a day’s worth of others’ gratitude posts on Facebook


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