Week of October 22, 2012

Another week, another list of gifts given by my loving, gracious Father! The week I hit 1000!

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939. Good-morning hug from seven-year-old redhead

940. Profile of happily-coloring three-year-old

941. Purring orange cat, kitty-blinking eyelids, soft fur

942. Being able to take it easy in the early morning when everyone needs to… another benefit of home school


943. Snuggle time with Nora

944. Hot cocoa on a gloomy morning

945. Reliable electricity to create a home full of light and warmth when autumn clouds hide the sun

946. A reminder that praise is the only way to really breathe

947. He WILL give me the energy I need to do what He wants me to do today

948. Reminders of Truth from Psalms and Hebrews


949. Oldest boy proud to advance to Tenderfoot

950. Apple pie and cold milk with Jeff after the kids were in bed

951. Fun field trip with a ride in a firetruck, pizza, and friends

952. Walk to the library and back

953. Nora enjoying the fallen leaves

954. The kids’ chalk art for an older walk-loving friend

955. Nora and Joel’s front-porch performances

956. Email encouragement

957. Casual purple watch that lights orange date, blue time and green seconds, and the eyes of the little kids who like to make it glow

958. Little almost-one-year-old who likes my earrings 🙂

959. Taking the time to list and think about my blessings

960. Cotton socks

961. Washing-machine repairman came and part will be on its way

962. My purple-striped, college-ruled composition book

963. Orange pumpkins in fall leaves


964. Mild and sunny weather

965. Afternoon at the beach with the kids

966. An empty beach

967. The gray-green-blue of the water and golden orange, yellow, and brown of the last leaves

968. Remembering saxophone lesson in time to be only five minutes late

969. Successful shopping of husband after his appointment

970. Lots and lots of pictures of light and shadow

971. Reliable water and a hot water heater so a little girl can take a shower after having an accident

972. Wild Kratts

973. That it took less than three minutes to list the previous items even with interruptions

974. Being able to list while Littlest takes a shower and the boys entertain themselves

975. Stainless steel water bottles

976. Dirt under my fingernails… I got to play outside! 🙂

977. Saxophone practice… making myself resist writing that in red… Aunt Rhody, your goose isn’t quite dead, but someone seems to be trying really hard to kill it…

978. Toothpaste and toothbrush… love the fresh-clean-mouth feeling

979. Ten minutes spent thanking God and asking Him to help me keep seeing aright… It’s amazing how different the world looks when we’re determined to see it through eyes that seek grace


980. Autumn-hazy morning sunlight painting everything golden

981. Best mood for the longest time in a long time

982. Fun with PCS and HSE students in Science classes

983. Seed walk with K-2

984. Helping kids to be almost a little excited to take tests or at least not dread them 🙂

985. My brown jacket keeping my arms warm this morning and not needing it now

986. More cool jewelry-making tools and findings from the husband who must enjoy making me smile and likes using coupons as an excuse to do so 🙂

987. Greek yogurt bars when I don’t have time to sit down and eat breakfast

988. Desk for the boys’ room – $10 and vinegar invested so far. On our way to buy some paint. 🙂

989. Enjoying hearing and watching two young redheads enjoy leaf-pile fun withe their dad


990. Getting thrown off-course on room renovation… getting upset, but moving on

991. Kids enjoying dressing up and going to Truck or Treat

992. Chinese food and leftovers for tomorrow

993. The quiet of a house of sleeping kids

994. Friends having good days and sharing on FB the things they’re enjoying

995. Chocolate milk, especially with Chinese food on a Saturday evening with the family

996. People who are willing to act goofy in front of crowds to make kids smile

997. People willing to share Christ’s love in whatever way God gifted, blessed, or opened the door for them

998. The smell of freshly-popped popcorn and how much Nora enjoyed hers


999. Pat on the shoulder from friend passing behind me sitting in the back row

1000. Watching online Session 1 of Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts DVD study… good tears…

1001. Feline agility and the orange cat who uses it to jump through the upstairs-hall railing to the stairs

1002. Soft cat fur and the peaceful pleasant sound of a contented cat’s purr

1003. The wide-eyed, dilated-pupil look of an excited, playful cat

1004. My pretty purple and green scarf and the paper-bead earrings that go well with it

1005. Glasses that help my husband see

1006. The protection provided by fingernails and toenails… Your creativity and thoughtfulness are amazing, Father!

1007. Hand lotion

1008. Fun learning how to work with copper wire to make jewelry and finding copper wire for a much cheaper price than the craft stores

1009. Being able to pay better attention to Pastor Matt’s sermon today – grateful for nursery volunteers and taking notes without an outline


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