Week of November 5, 2012

Through gratitude we access the grace that transforms EVERYTHING…

The transformation/renovation of our home continues… Welcome to my mess! 😉


1049. The diamond-sparkle of light through water droplets bouncing in my comforting, ache-relieving, relaxing, rejuvenating shower

1050. The pleasure of lying down in my comfortable bed after a long, tiring day… especially with fresh sheets

1051. Nora loving my brother’s old Winnie the Pooh with the music box inside

1052. The opportunity to vote tomorrow


1053. The right to vote – and knowing that God is sovereign regardless of the outcome… still afraid of where the nation will be in four years if we keep losing religious freedom at the same pace… but if this is Your choice to purify Your church… May we be found faithful in difficulty and ease… both challenging in their own ways

1054. Pretty mums, pinkish and reddish, on the way into the medical center

1055. Leafless birch trees, thin and graceful beside the highway; looking at them from the gas station parking lot

1056. Evergreens, all sizes and shapes, green through the year, in all weather, standing out in all the brown of this time of year


1057. Yellow and red apples with brown-flecked bananas in a blue glass fruit bowl… beautiful

1058. Hot cocoa

1059. My husband’s patience with me

1060. A messy red ponytail that needs to be brushed

1061. The boys’ LEAH art class

1062. A blog post that refuses to be finished in my time, but WILL be in His

1063. A half-finished earring, bracelet, and necklace set

1064. Falling asleep reading books worth reading

1065. Being able to blow-dry my hair on a chilly day

1066. Aaron Shust’s “Anything Worth Saying” album

1067. Feeling cozy, with heavy eyelids, in my comfy bed… Memory Foam and soft cotton


1068. Another morning. Another chance to read Scripture. Another chance to write. Another chance to try to catch up on laundry, to feed my family, to work on patching and painting our home, and to serve my family in other ways. Another chance to have fun creating pretty things with wire and beads. Another chance to thank God for my many, many blessings!

1069. A tall glass of cold, hormone-enhancement-free milk

1070. Singing along to Aaron Shust with the boys during snack break in the dining room

1071. Warmth of sunlight through dining room window… not the first time I’ve thanked God for warm sunshine on my back in this dark green sweatshirt! 🙂

1072. Sunlight reflected from the wings of small moths braving the chill


1073. It’s Friday: HSE day and science labs in the morning – Kids enjoying “volcanoes”… baking soda, vinegar, dish soap, food coloring fun

1074. Joel quickly overcoming a cranky mood after being… offended… and not continuing to “cut off his nose to spite his face” as my mother so often rightfully accused me

1075. My purple and green scarf keeping me warmer this frosty morning

1076. God is bigger than my insecurities and bigger than my kids’ insecurities, and when I don’t know how to help them, I can trust Him to be what they need – and I need to trust Him even when I think I know how to help them

1077. Third- and fourth-graders excited over God’s creativity demonstrated in things like angler fish and whale sharks

1078. Back home in borrowed-from-husband’s-dresser-drawer sweatpants, hoodie, thick socks, gas fireplace, AND BREAKFAST FOR DINNER


1079. Grateful to get home and be cozy here… in sweats 🙂

1080. The chicken in the oven – we never go hungry

1081. Kids are getting along, no one is whining – having quiet fun together

1082. The redheads are getting over their colds

1083. 3 OCC shoe boxes have been packed, 2 at PCS by the boys and Nora’s here at home to take to church, to be on their way to 2 little boys and 1 little girl…

1084. An amaryllis bulb, planted by Nora and me, preparing to grow and bloom – and two more to be planted with the boys


1085. God once again proving He’s bigger than my “stuff” – my mood, attitude, circumstances… and letting me write about it

1086. Playing with a smiling toddler

1087. A tiny pair of “duck boots” – always love the cuteness of baby and toddler shoes!

1088. Watching two three-year-olds play together and share

1089. Sunshine!!

1090. Nora’s black corduroy jumper

1091. The flagpole-metal clank I can hear because the day is mild enough to open the window to the breeze that causes it


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