Week of November 19, 2012


1129. Much-needed reminders… of OTHERS… Thank You for getting me out of my own head

1130. Prayer… knowing I can talk to the Creator and Sustainer of the universe at any moment about anything, and He LISTENS

1131. Moments when my heart hurts for what hurts His, and being able to lift up to Him, lay down before Him, all that is so heavy

1132. Friends who have relationships with Christ, and that I can pray for both them and those who don’t

1133. Redemption is available to EVERYONE!

1134. Christ’s love that drove Him to come, suffer, die, rise again, and SEEK each and all of us

1135. The squishy thing I just stepped on turned out to only be Play-Doh


1136. Stuff like cinnamon, flour, paper, crayons, pencils, markers, paint, scissors, glue, glitter glue, paracord, pocketknives & whittling sticks, cornstarch, wire & beads, sidewalk chalk, toys made for building, and Play-Doh… the pleasure of making

1137. Creative kids


1138. Sunshine-Wednesday walk

1139. Preschool Thanksgiving “feast”

1140. Quiet time on my own to work on a science lesson while my three played happily together in the sunshine

1141. Hot cocoa with marshmallows and CINNAMON

1142. Ann Voskamp’s posts today and every day

1143. The post by Miroslav Volf I glanced down and noticed while typing my FB thankful post: “Grateful – not first of all for all the good things, not even for life itself, but for the Giver of all gifts.”

1144. More unnecessary stuff gone

1145. Looking forward to a quiet Thanksgiving at home with the family

1146. God is bigger… than my confusion… than my fatigue… than my aches and pains… than my crankiness

1147. Humidifiers

1148. Renew moisturizing lotion

1149. Fingernail clippers

1150. Detangling shampoo and spray to help manage my littlest redhead’s hair… and a husband willing to brush her hair and so many other things not all men will


1151. Thanksgiving – a day set aside to remember, remind us, how blessed we are

1152. Yummy food

1153. My dishwasher!

1154. Jeans

1155. All the thankful posts and Scripture to read on FB today

1156. Kids playing hide-and-seek in November sunshine – MILD

1157. Getting out in the fresh air and sunshine to take some pictures

(25 lazy-quiet-mild-family-Thanksgiving time-outside photos from my slightly off-kilter perspective)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1158. Cinnamon and chocolate… cocoa, pudding…


1159. Yummy Thanksgiving dinner the day after

1160. Kids having fun with a kind-of-cousin

1161. Being warm and cozy back at home while it’s wet and windy

1162. Leftovers

1163. Wooden drying racks while our drier is on the fritz

1164. Vinegar… for cleaning, for softening laundry – white; balsamic for eating on salads and lots of other things; apple cider for marinades…


1165. Honey & lemon in hot water, and chicken broth when I’m feeling congested and tickly-throated

1166. Grilled cheese sandwiches


1167. Obedience -> freedom… again proven in my life

1168. The falling snow IS pretty, falling gently – doing what it was created to do… so, in it’s own way, worshiping God

1169. Safe trips – to church before the snow and home in it, to and from Grandpa’s in the snow

1170. The little heater that makes my bathroom warm during showers

1171. Hearing Nora say, “Hey, there are ear cuffs!” while picking up Jeff’s earplugs… 🙂


3 thoughts on “Week of November 19, 2012

  1. Thanks, Janis. To be honest, I am not a fan of snow… but I can appreciate its beauty and my children’s enjoyment… and can choose to be grateful for whatever God sends and what He can teach me through the parts I don’t enjoy… like the COLD… even when it’s perseverance… or doing everything without grumbling or complaining (Philippians 2:14) 😉
    I enjoyed your list, as well as your cover art for Tadeo and banner artwork, which I assumed is also yours!

  2. I love reading the gifts’s lift. Linking in from A Holy Experience and the joy of connecting. I loved reading about making crafts with kids. So much fun. Falling snow. (we are snowbirds… but used to love the snow when we had kids – making forts, angels, playing tag in the snow.

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