Week of November 12, 2012


1092. Open windows in November

1093. The distinctive rustle of breeze-dancing fallen-dry leaves

1094. Etsy… though it’s a bit overwhelming

1095. Ideas, ideas…

1096. Time to make more progress on our home…


1097. I found the cat vomit with my EYES and cleaned it up before one of the kids found it with feet in the semi-dark

1098. Fast-moving reflection of clouds off the expedition windows and to me by the mirror through the passenger-side window


1099. A much-needed walk and chat in autumn sunshine with a friend

1100. Joel and his friends learning the word “tertiary” and what tertiary colors are at LEAH art class

1101. Jeff making progress on our renovations

1102. Jeff’s and my teamwork ūüôā


1103. Nora spending time with “Grandma” Bonnie and friends

1104. Freshly-cleaned microwave and stovetop

1105. Boys getting schoolwork done

1106. MercyMe’s “You Are I Am”

1107. Jason Gray’s “Good to Be Alive”

1108. Pork tenderloin, peas, and potatoes

1109. Warm chocolate pudding with marshmallows


1110. Lunch out with Jeff and Nora

1111. All three kids excited to have Spencer come over after school

1112. Jonathan excited to be going camping with his Boy Scout troop


1114. Pulling on comfy, cozy, baggy sweats when I got home

1115. Yummy pork tenderloin… different made-up recipe


1116. Nap before breakfast after waking too early

1117. Snuggle-time with the redheads

1118. The way a mug of hot cocoa warms my hands

1119. Morning FB chat with an old friend

1120. Laundry hanging around my house – and the part to fix the drier on its way

1121. Workspace reclaimed… and the cute bracelet I made there

1122. Sunshine


1123. Big crispy salad with balsamic vinegar

1124. Frost IS pretty…

1125. God wins – and He invites us to join Him in victory

1126. Getting to church safely despite scary harassment by an aggressive driver who even chased us into the parking lot

1127. The chance to once again worship with our church family and hear a good message on thankfulness

1128. Some alone time with Jeff after his two nights camping with the Boys Scouts and before his night away for his sleep study

Wondering what this is?

Care to join a bunch of grateful people counting and encouraging each other with our blessings?


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