September 2012

Wondering what this is?Catching up my online list…

Care to join us counting God’s gifts?


737. Yummy Italian plums

738. Progress on the laundry room

739. God doesn’t stop pouring out grace when I stop being grateful… but refusing to be grateful almost always keeps me from receiving it, keeps me from the joy that is always possible

740. Sometimes God lays it on people’s hearts to be persistent in prayer on our  behalf when we feel we can’t

741. Nothing is as bad as it appears, as it feels, because God is always present and grace is always available. It is me who makes things worse for myself.

742. The return of “me”

743. Sunshine and a walk to a picnic

744. Chicken, potatoes, carrots, butter, salt, pepper, olive oil

745. Pie

746. White paint

747. Schoolwork done efficiently

748. Walk with a friend

749. Rain

750. The End of Memory by Miroslav Volf

751. God using others’ written words to speak to me where I am… and help me get to where I need to be next

752. Pork chops, onions, zucchini, olive oil, salt, pepper, string beans… yummy

753. Peach pie and cinnamon

754. Potato chips… salt and fat, yummm… in moderation 🙂

755. Greek yogurt

756. Soft sheets and cotton blanket

757. Nora’s first day at TLC with Daddy & Mommy

758. First-day celebration lunch at Ponderosa with Grandpa, Jonathan, and Joel

759. New jeans that pretty much fit

760. Evening of sunshine, stories, sidewalk chalk, and three-year-old on a tricycle – with the redheads while Daddy and Jonathan worked together

761. Walk with the boys to pick up Nora from “Grandma” Bonnie’s

762. Nora making a new friend who even cried to see her go

763. Dancing designs of sunlight and shadow on the grass in the backyard on a gorgeous afternoon

764. Three-year-old, red-headed girl cheerfully and energetically putting fluffed dandelion seeds to flight

765. Bubbles on a breezy, warm afternoon

766. A healthy appetite and foods that taste good

767. Hindsight…

768. The memory of a red rock trying to dance with the waves

769. Pre-soccer-game ice cream, dark chocolate and mint White Lightning for me

770. Knowing that processing past trauma, when done properly – following the principles of Scripture – is NOT the same as condemning the one at whose hand pain was inflicted

771. Greater understanding of my similarities to my mother and how that can help me be a better mother

772. Deeper understanding of the fellowship of brokenness… We are none of us whole apart from God’s healing

773. Three kids peacefully and happily eating ice cream together at an overturned-wooden-crate table

774. Pleasure of the return of the wonder of parenthood to replace the horrific discomfort of wishing God had never let me reproduce so there wouldn’t be three more people doomed to be as messed-up and lost as I

775. First day of home school extension labs completed… Jeff and they went well

776. Kids enjoying HSE and being with old friends

777. Filling the wading pool for the redheads before the temps drop this weekend

778. Sunlight winking at me through maple trees

779. Beautiful WARM day

780. Small, blue swimsuit

781. Insight from Psalm 106

782. When God takes something, or asks us to give up something, it’s always for our good – and His glory

783. I don’t have to keep copying the Israelites’ pattern of ingratitude, sin, suffering, repentance, and praise, back to ingratitude and sin so quickly…

784. Sunshine to start the day

785. Knowing that God knows how our “plans” for the day will work out and whether or not we’ll be at camp tonight

786. A husband who helps me feel better about myself

787. My husband’s patience with me, and his protectiveness when I need it… We don’t always get things done in the best way, but we’re learning and growing

788. Cozy, lazy morning of reading

789. Pertinent preaching from Ephesians 6:10-20

790. Quick lunch at Wendy’s

791. Enjoying the sound of the rain… but feel bad for Jeff trying to get stuff done to go home

792. Home safe

793. Nora’s first regular day of preschool successfully and happily completed

794. Lunch in the sunshine

795. Jonathan and Daddy time, Joel and Daddy time, Nora and Daddy time

796. Psalms 106 and 107

797. Yummy dinner

798. Jonathan’s soccer team losing cheerfully after their first victory last week

799. All kids asleep and my feet warming up under my favorite blanket and soft sheets on this CHILLY night

800. Warmer weather predicted; fall hasn’t taken over quite yet and ladies’ retreat should be pleasantly warm… during the day, at least

801. Resigned from the library board

802. The ability/blessing to be able to pray about anything we see, anything that happens, anything that pops into our mind

803. The armor of God… Help me to equip myself and claim it, Lord. Please help me to stop wandering into battle without the right, best, pure protection you provide. Thank You that Your armor is not like the armor that Saul offered David. Thank You that it is perfect. Please help me to wear and strengthen it through time with You in Your Word and in prayer. Please help me to hold tightly to Your Truth and not fall to the lies that harass and haunt me

804. Socks and blankets to keep us warm

805. Sunny morning

806. Scripture first… need more

807. String bean and potato soup

808. Nora behaving so well and being enjoyed by her teachers at preschool

809. Kids enjoying low-tech “toys” outdoors

810. Warm weather, sunshine – having a snack on the back step

811. The valley-struggles that test, prove, strengthen out faith… I know You won’t leave me here any longer than necessary; please help me remember when I all I want to do is give up

812. There’s still more green than gold in my backyard-trees

813. Husband buying me a new notebook prettier than I “NEED” to start using for ladies’ retreat notes and as the next installment of my gratitude journal

814. Discounted books that I’ve been wanting to read

815. Stones… different shapes, colors, sizes… challenging terrain for the ever-busy ants

816. Yellow irises, transplanted to bloom in my yard next year

817. Another chance, most recent in a long line of “second” chances

818. Beginning to be able to trust again for all that I failed to accomplish

819. Oak trees, maple trees – taller, taller

820. View of peaceful, leafy woods

821. Playing backyard “carnival” games created by my kids

822. Making dinner in a kitchen full of warm sunlight

823. Chocolate ice cream on small faces

824. Creamed egg

825. Holding my sleepy then sleeping three-year-old red-headed Nora

826. Enjoying recording gifts in my gratitude journal

827. Getting over my cranky mood

828. Getting ready for ladies’ retreat

829. Warm, sunny day

830. Packing snackies for fun with friends

831. Going to start my new notebook tomorrow at retreat

832. Fun making sample “jewelry” pieces with wire and “pearls”

833. Pork chops, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, olive oil, salt, barbecue sauce, ketchup, milk, French vanilla pudding with bananas

834. Twix, giant Sweet Tarts, and peanut M&Ms

835. Waking up on time

836. New notebook later! 🙂

837. Safe and fun trip

838. Feeling comfortable with my “camp buddy”

839. Ladies’-Retreat-familiar song that I’d forgotten making me tear up

840. Good message

841. Hot shower

842. Jeff having a good afternoon with Nora and friends

843. Joel having fun with a friend

844. Jonathan beginning to learn to play the alto sax

845. Being reminded who I am and how good it feels to be a beloved daughter of the King

846. Grace… from God and between women

847. Laughter

848. Dutch Blitz

849. Snacks… chocolate

850. Busy purple pen

851. Headphones and air purifiers

852. prayer walk

853. remembering what love for Jesus feels like and wanting to be connected to deepen it

854. Being blessed to hear people share their hearts, stories, testimonies

855. rescued again – grace again

856. Nora loving preschool

857. walk with Jeff and the redheads during big brother’s soccer practice

858. Psalms in the morning

859. Words of affirmation from Scripture and friends

860. God is bigger

861. New friends

862. Father watching children so Jeff could go with me to my dr. appt.

863. Walk with a friend

864. Sunshine to walk in with a friend and to run an errand

865. School work (mostly) carefully done

866. Kids peacefully enjoying some evening tv together – Netflix!

967. Sunshine through white curtain

868. Cozy sweatshirt and big socks

869. Psalm 37:24

870. Thinking about Cain and his choices

Then the Lord said to Cain, “Why are you angry? And why has your countenance fallen?

Genesis 4:6

871. Cozy bed

872. Boys who like to start school work first thing in the morning

873. Snail cooperating for science lab

874. Lunch with Jeff and Nora while the boys enjoy HSE

875. Cozy pajamas

876. Crawling into bed at the end of the day

877. Books with pretty pictures

878. Sometimes it’s nice to be somewhere where no one expects anything from me

879. Hearing women talk and laugh together, friendly, talking about their various churches and enjoying each other

880. Natural gas making my bedroom warm

881. Feeling cozy in my house

882. Kids enjoying Sunday School

883. Email from a new friend

884. Sarai’s example of faithfulness – and God’s to her

885. Husband who bought me jewelry-making fun stuff

886. Sunshine and milder temp

887. Kids outside playing and watercolor-painting

888. Library books

889. Knowing that my feelings aren’t exceptional; I am not alone – recognizing kindred pain in others’ words

Jonathan’s Erie Canal hike

890. Time for fun creativity with beads and wire

891. The boys getting a long-anticipated chance to try bending wires to create shapes and decorating them with beads

892. A walk in the sunshine

893. A forgotten stash of Easter candy… still not past “best by” dates

894. Day mile enough to open windows

895. Being able to help a friend and my kids enjoying having their friend here while his mom deals with the many issues of an ill parent

896. Better night of sleep

Jonathan’s Erie Canal hike

897. Bug hunt with third and fourth graders

898. Alone time with Jeff while the boys were at HSE and Nora NAPPED

899. Jonathan enjoying his soccer season

900. Joel excited to have a science project

901. Comfy, cozy; warm and dry


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