Week of June 18, 2012

Listing my way to one thousand blessings. Remembering to be grateful. Learning to see God’s grace wherever I look.

Care to join us with your own list?

Monday, June 18, 2012

boys happy to play in mud
The joy of boys playing in mud

217. El Roi! The God who sees

218. Three kids happily digging in soil, preparing it, dreaming of sprouting beauty

219. Anticipating going to look at paint colors later!

220. Farmer’s Market! It made our Father’s Day dinner on Saturday and looking forward to going back this week!

221. The sound of the lawnmower, or, more precisely, the man working himself tired to get things back in shape

222. The difference choosing gratitude makes in getting through a day

223. Explaining to my three-year-old daughter what it means when I write with my purple pen, that I’m writing down things that make me happy that I’m thanking God for and having her want a purple pen for when she’s older

224. Blue jeans

225. Daddy longleg spiders

226. The amazing way our pupils are adjusted as light changes

227. Freckles on cheeks and noses

228. Little pink socks

229. Going through the newly arrived books for the school year to come… new adventures for us!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

wading pool waiting to be filled

230. Waking to the sound of rain

231. Nora counting my fingers

232. Homemade finger paint and paintings drying on almost every available flat surface

233. Gratitude for gratitude – it’s self-propagating

Sent pearl devo… and finished blog post. But it was not a successful day, as I allowed myself to waste time. It was a day that went by too fast with too little accomplished because I most of the time failed to be present and live in each moment.

234. Head nodding over notebook – knowing I get to start over to be intentional about living in each moment – Lord, remind me and be my motivation; help me not try to please You in my (lack of) strength and wisdom…

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

235. The time Nora has enjoyed with “Grandma” Bonnie and friends

236. The joy of boys playing in mud

237. Root beer float!

238. Three kids and a wading pool on the first day of summer

Struggling with fully living in each moment to live fully. My old problem of writing my life (in my head) instead of living my life.

Struggling tonight to feel grateful for things I should. Heat-tired. Exhausted.

239. Fresh peas

240. Looking at paint chips for the laundry-room-to-be

Thursday, June 21, 2012

sunshine on red hair

241. A husband who doesn’t seem to notice, or at least not be bothered by the effects of 39 years & 3 kids, or when my hair is unmanageable and my chin breaks out or I have morning breath…

242. The motivation of a seriously leaky toilet

243. Sunshine on red hair

245. More wading pool fun!

246. Paint chosen!

247. Next step in renovation planned

Friday, June 22, 2012

248. Identifying with Psalm 73:21-26
“When my heart was embittered
And I was pierced within,
Then I was senseless and ignorant;
I was like a beast before You.
Nevertheless I am continually with You;
You have taken hold of my right hand.
With Your counsel You will guide me,
And afterward receive me to glory.

Whom have I in heaven but You?
And besides You, I desire nothing on earth.
My flesh and my heart may fail,
But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

249. Milk and cereal spilled and left on table for me to clean up – where’s my red pen?!? šŸ™‚

picture of a patient husband

Hmmm… where to find the line between serving my family and raising responsible children…

250. Cold front after three hot days

251. Towels warm and fluffy from the drier

Saturday, June 23, 2012

252. Husband’s patience with me

253. Elder son’s passion to start a website and write a weekly devo to share

254. Friend Alice’s desire to create a, for lack of an even better word, meaningful (impactful?) prayer walk for the ladies who come to retreat

255. Itchy reaction to… something… prompting husband to sent me, well, suggest I go, to take a tepid shower when I really needed a break

256. God is bigger than my mess-ups

257. Husband willing to help friends… family, acquaintances…

258. The opportunity to incorporate a ministry of encouraging correspondence when we start homeschooling in the fall!! šŸ™‚

brother capturing brother carrying new books for new adventure

Lord, please help me follow through!

259. A tepid shower on a sticky day

260. Blueberries!! with milk & sugar

261. Toe nail polish

262. A God who uses what I see as flaws

263. The clutter God will be glorified in overcoming, and the understanding of how foolish being a packrat is.

264. Not wanting to get up and stop listing, but knowing it’s time to move on with my day.

Exhausted this afternoon. Finding it difficult to get out of my own head. Not usually a good sign. Achy. Kind of overwhelmed. Not a productive day, which can make my mood get worse. Need to be aware of and acknowledge my mood to give myself better things to dwell on and stop any swirling of negative thoughts, to keep depression at bay, or at least not beckon it in. Have retreated to the backyard with our big blue sheet, books, and the kids. And we just had some chocolate. šŸ™‚

Jeff is still helping Ed, so we have not gone to the first of 2 grad parties we were invited to go to today. And I’m relieved. It’s one of those days.

One thing I’m learning through listing, or one way I’m benefiting, is in my marriage. I thought of that this morning, as Jeff was prominent on my list. It’s so much better to acknowledge when I am grateful for Jeff and all he does to help, and express that gratitude, than let the typical things of marriage that wear, and our particular issues, take over my thoughts. No good can come from focusing on any negative. Why do we do that to ourselves? Particularly in our relationships? I think for me, part of it is rationalizing dissatisfaction and feeling sorry for myself. Relationships are… difficult. The more invested we are, the more risky the relationship is…

265. Nora: “I really like holding hands.”

266. Soft, long-sleeved t-shirt

267. Ok, it’s a repeat from earlier today, but I’m so grateful for its display again – my husband’s patience with me… How do I put into words how he treats me on days like today? Giving me space when I need it, standing still beside me when I need him to, remaining unruffled when I cry for no reason

268. Three kids rolling down a hill

Sunday, June 24, 2012

269. Sunny Sunday morning

270. Serving in nursery

271. The softness of baby skin

272. Unexpected time with friends from out-of-town

273. Choosing to pick up my notebook instead of continuing to feed hurt feelings

274. The opportunity to take criticism and learn from it without letting the sting blind me to the truth within… emphasis on opportunity… Help me, Lord… šŸ™‚


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