Week of July 30, 2012

Counting my way to 1000 gifts…

Care to join the community of gratitude?

Monday, July 30, 2012

570. Sunscreen stickiness between my fingers that means kids are having fun in the sun

running and cutting again!

571. Respite from headache

572. The skunk smell wasn’t constant… wind shifts?

573. Husband who understands how small engines work

574. Lawn tractor running again

575. Scalded thumb… cooking for my family… should always be grateful that they never have to go hungry

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

576. Jonathan starting his own “Eucharisteo” page on his website

577. Work progressing in the laundry-room-to-be – new plans to compensate for unforeseen problems

Jonathan’s 1000 Gifts beginning

578. Pleasant-weather, good-mood morning

579. Picking up my notebook and purple pen when I’m not feeling grateful… repeated chances

580. Interesting history on tv

581. Some more rain

582. Fresh air through open bedroom window

583. Green being refreshed

584. Abraham Lincoln and his legacy

585. We will never completely understand how the human brain works… have to admit that could be at least a little red… but isn’t God amazing?!?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

586. Another day… kids are hyper, I am tired & touchy, and the rest of the week is supposed to be hot & humid… I need to reorient in Scripture.

587. Healthy kids… and they do have good hearts… that will show again soon…

588. Vinegar for cleaning – no headaches, no coughing

589. Pink, padded princess potty seat Nora is outgrowing

590. Grandma’s blue train case

591. Thank you note from a friend

592. Update photos of Compassion child Beberly – she’s even smiling a little… our girls are so serious…

Thursday, August 2, 2012

593. Sweet cherry tomatoes straight from the vine


594. The opportunity to share with a hurting heart the Truth of God’s love and Grace always available

595. How speaking Truth to another heart when mine is hurting

strengthens and heals mine

596. More accepting that God does have things to say through me and that having “building a platform” in mind isn’t wrong, just giving Him a bigger audience to encourage through me

597. I’m a writer… I have a lot to learn, but I’m a writer

598. Life goes on even when we misplace shin guards and don’t have them for the first practice of the season

599. Redheads happily splashing in the wading pool while Big Brother is at soccer practice with Daddy

600. Jeff… for so many reasons I don’t even know how to articulate at this moment. He supports my less-than-perfect Bible study plans and makes them possible. He is patient and gracious when it comes to my shortcomings…

601. How much Jonathan enjoys Daddy-time

602. God’s infinite creativity… flowers… bugs… animals… more than I can wrap my head around

603. Cordless phones when there might be a call I don’t want to miss in the backyard – and the freedom to ignore phones when we need to

604. Books worth reading

605. All of the classics available for free and that take up no more bookshelf space on my Nook – love my books, but finally appreciate the place of an e-reader

606. How listing can keep going and going when I have time to sit and consider my day

607. The transforming power of gratitude – God’s grace through gratitude

608. Blades of glass quivering in the breeze above busy, busy insects

609. Beauty that arrests the eye and beauty that doesn’t immediately appear beautiful

610. Brick chimney standing proud-tall

611. Looking forward to Jeff and Jonathan coming home and having an easy, friendly sandwich supper

612. Appreciation for people supporting Dan Cathy’s rights of free speech and religion and hoping it means more positive things for our nation’s future

613. People willing to stand by and for their Biblical convictions in ways not purposely offensive – Truth in love

614. People who aren’t deceived by the current degraded definition of tolerance

615. Those, on any side of an issue, who pursue civil discourse

616. The way the lowering sun lights leaves and the tall corner of my house, and kisses the shade garden

617. Water, always water… clean, refreshing water to drink; rain that has brought more green than brown to our lawn; garden-hose-filled wading pool; showers to wash away the sweat and dirt of a day

618. Dirt! Next year we’ll be able to grow more in it…

619. More unnecessary things leaving my home

620. Gasoline to get us where we need to go

621. The sisterhood of less-than-perfect 🙂

622. The sound of tires on dirt and gravel – Daddy and Jonathan are home

Friday, August 3, 2012

623. Good night’s sleep – to bed at a decent time (Yay!) and up when I should be

624. EPHESIANS 6:10-20… put on the WHOLE armor! for SPIRITUAL BATTLE! When I choose to look at lack, to let my thoughts spin negative – to not THANK GOD and thereby refuse His grace… when I allow my mind to be darkened… I give evil, darkness, a foothold… I AM equipped through Him and choosing to seek Him, His Truth, His glory, His Word

625. Blackberry-stained fingers

626. Free kids’ craft at the farmer’s market

627. More progress on the soon-to-be laundry room

628. Jeff helping a friend this evening, his having the knowledge, equipment, and willingness at the end of a long, hot day

629. WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth (+Growth 2, what I try to capture)

Saturday, August 4, 2012

630. Falling asleep reading FREE classics on my Nook – Project Gutenberg

631. Not feeling overwhelmed by the heat

632. Getting the chance to go back over my list each week to type it up for my blog

633. The moments of feeling fresh and clean after a mid-afternoon shower on a hot, humid day – and the grace to get through the subsequent stickiness… Depending on You to get me through the rest of this day without disrespecting my family members’ dignity

634. Husband who buys ice cream

635. Box fans

636. Grocery sales and coupons… and a husband who grocery-shops!

637. New understanding of God’s love… and never reaching its end

638. Picnic-table supper – yummy sweet corn and BBQ pork

639. Root beer, cream soda, and grape soda floats outdoors

640. Kids wading-pool-splashing happy laughter at dusk

641. Showers and shampoos and body washes to make little people clean

642. Sunday tomorrow! Combined service followed by picnic…

Sunday, August 5, 2012

643. Morning rain

644. Connections… people are important… Thank You for growing my love for people

645. Church picnic not rained on

646. Graduation party being rained on creating a unique experience

647. Very cool wind/rain storm… Why do we so often forget how small and powerless we are?

648. Casting Crowns

Thanks to Jeff for the inchworm, buffalo, swans, llama, otters and timber wolf photos…


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