Week of July 23, 2012

Counting my way to 1000 gifts…
Care to join the community of gratitude?

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Monday, July 23, 2012

508. Last week’s list posted on time!

509. Husband putting together furniture…

510. Air alive with bug and bird sounds even as the leaves wilt

511. Clouds… holding rain?

512. Some rain… more later?

513. Getting organized for home schooling in the fall

514. Tepid shower and ceiling fan – feeling more like myself

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

515. Not having to be/go anywhere today

516. Ibuprofen

517. Lemonade

518. Enjoying intro of boys’ history book

519. Chick-fil-A… enjoyed them when we were in Maryland/D.C., wish we had one here, and appreciate stance on “gay marriage”

520. Refrigerator that keeps food safe to eat

521. Freezer for popsicles & ice cream, and to preserve food longer

522. Woodpecker going after carpenter bees in carriage house roof

523. Old glass bottles reclaimed from the ground

524. Pine? cones way up high

525. Son pulling weeds from sidewalk

526. Sidewalk chalk obstacle course shadows

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

527. Purple jasmine rice with milk, sugar, and pumpkin pie spice for breakfast

528. Little bullfrog

529. Making progress… choosing to focus on the progress instead of the pace… Help me, Lord… Be glorified in the process…

530. The biggest caterpillar we’ve ever seen

little bullfrog

531. The smallest inchworm I’ve ever seen

532. Writing spider

533. Star-nosed mole –  and the husband who didn’t run him over with the lawnmower and brought him home so the kids and I could see it

534. Great afternoon and evening outdoors

535. Started and am enjoying the first novel Jonathan will be reading this school year

536. Nora still loves Special-Baby

537. 80% chance of rain tonight!

538. Reading through Luke as a family, finished Matthew & Mark… love that Nora answered questions about what we read last night – she remembered that the woman cried on Jesus’ feet and dried them with “she’s hair”

539. Grilled cheese sandwiches

star-nosed mole

Thursday, July 26, 2012

540. Bible study morning!

541. RAIN!

542. Going through yesterday’s pics, putting a bunch on FB – sharing SMILES!

543. PUDDLES in the driveway and more patches of GREEN in our yard

544. Another day of my kids’ childhoods… Remembering that even when moments are tedious, frustrating, seemingly endless – one day soon I will look back and wonder how they all slipped away so quickly…

Friday, July 27, 2012

545. Three kids happily looking for worms to feed to the frog in its (temporary) dining room table home

writing spider

546. Listening to Bebo Norman

547. I can CHOOSE how to approach this day

548. Almonds and cashews

549. Peanut butter spoons

550. Children with no food allergies

551. God IS bigger than my distraction

552. Even though we really need to go grocery-shopping, we will not go hungry… It’s amazing how quickly five people can empty a refrigerator,

and we should never take for granted that we consistently have means to refill it

553. Farmer’s market this evening! 🙂 Fresh veggies!

554. Bright moon, stars, and fireflies; fresh air and fresh perspective

Saturday, July 28, 2012

555. Black flats that seem comfy enough

556. $4 off Jonathan’s cleats

557. Everyone enjoying quick Taco Bell in the mall when there wasn’t enough time to get to kids’ choice Pizza Hut

558. New purple pen as this one runs out of ink!

559. Letting go of stress when were late and I’d rather not be

560. Cheerfulness of a bride-to-be at her shower

561. Feeling out-of-sorts the evening before speaking – reminder and proof that God is bigger than our feelings

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Isn’t God’s creativity amazing?!?

562. Preparing to worship God by sharing what He’s doing in my life

563. Understanding that every act is an act of worship – we worship SOMETHING with each moment… LORD, may it be YOU…

564. Butterflies dancing

565. Using my voice

566. My seven-year-old son asking each of us as we ate at Ponderosa what was our favorite thing of the day so far

567. After-church family dinner at Ponderosa

568. Little girl happily eating a popsicle while sitting on a sawhorse, cute bare feet dangling

569. Friends, recently crossed over into Boy Scouts, sleeping in a tent in the backyard


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