Week of July 2, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

327. Safe trip

328. Familiar faces that smile

329. The opportunity for a week of Bible-teaching, strong preaching, fellowship with other believers, deepening relationships with friends and each other, to make new friends

330. Six days of meals prepared by others and not dishes to wash

331. Camper little bothered by rodents and undamaged despite a wind-opened vent

332. Air mattress and the pump that made it so easy to inflate

333. Boys deciding to be brave even though they really didn’t want to try sleeping in the tent… Lord, please let the rest of their night be – on second thought, Lord, let their night be what You want it to be. If peaceful and restful with pleasant dreams, so be it; but if less than peaceful… let the morning find them more like Christ and closer to the Father…

334. The snap and crackle of someone’s nearby campfire

335. Cool night and lower predicted temps for the rest of the week

336. The sounds of people having fun and enjoying each other’s company… Lord, be glorified in every aspect of this Family Camp, on every inch of this campground, in every heart and life…

337. Sleep not stopping creeping in to take my attention… Good night!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

338. Boys’ “survival” of first night in tent 🙂

339. Warm blanket!

340. Shadow of leaves on pebbly frosted glass window of the camper door

341. Camp shower  !!

342. New notebook for notes

343. Meeting new people in a “temporary” small group

344. The opportunity for growth

345. The children are asleep, I am clean, and it’s time to go to sleep

346. The sounds of families enjoying time together

347. A husband who can work on fixing things that break on our camper

348. A milder night

349. Bright, nearly round moon framed in my window

350. Feeling comfortable in my bed right now

351. My husband sleeping beside me

352. The camper radio, service transmitter when we were setting up last night, and Family Life Network

353. My husband’s farmer tan

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

354. Air-conditioned vehicle and the ability to go for a drive

355. Bright yellow chubby marigolds planted by someone at the base of telephone poles in their large front yard

356. Sweat – God created our bodies to do some pretty amazing things

357. People passionate to reach the lost… may I be so, Lord

358. People who are better listeners than I… again, may I be so…

359. Being challenged daily by the speakers/teachers at Family Camp

360. Reading a novel!

361. Joel’s smiling pride at showing me how he can swim

362. The happy faces and sounds of Nora and other little ones enjoying the toddler pool

363. Living in a land that still mostly permits freedom of religion… Lord, as our liberty erodes, please let Your people both rise up for Your Word and fall before You in prayer and obedience. May faith once again stir our nation… and if not, purify Your church in the US as you see fit…

364. A husband who can understand breakers and such so the electricity for the fan and clock are again working

365. Running water in the camper – again thanks to the skills and understanding the Lord has given my husband

Thursday, July 5, 2012

366. Someone calling me a writer today – loved it and felt it was a kick in the pants to commit to it if I’m going to

367. Kids’ excitement and pleasure over inflatables at camp today

368. Camper refrigerator

369. Husband who can take care of problems with the camper toilet… nasty problems

370. Face-to-face meeting with the wife of Jeff’s pastor when he was a young teen, after being in touch online for a year

371. New understanding of what love between a husband and wife is and feeling proud of my husband

372. Hearing stories of how God is moving in people’s lives through those who accept His Lordship

373. Sitting in the parking lot of a Habitat for Humanity ReStore while Nora sleeps, Joel “crafts,” Jonathan reads, and I write down things for which I am grateful and prepare for upcoming study

374. Reminders that my knowledge of Scripture is so much smaller than others’ – like being called a writer, it’s motivating

Friday, July 6, 2012

375. Finally going ahead and introducing myself to someone my parents knew years ago – and hearing good things about my grandparents, too

376. Years of prayer by grandparents, mother, and others who are gone, but the effects of their prayers goes on… Lord, help me to pray as I should…

377. Thirst for knowledge of the things of God… Lord, help me long for YOU above all else…

378. Tissues, especially those with lotion

379. Conversing with others struggling to best raise Godly children in an unGodly society

380. Smoking bans in buildings

381. My husband’s ideas… sometimes, some ideas, would be better-suited to red pen!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

382. Safety during a storm

383. The mesmerizing dancing glow of embers

Sunday, July 8, 2012

384. Purple pen found

385. Fun while serving in the nursery

386. Campfire conversation

387. The squeal of a little girl enjoying water and bubbles “fight” with big brothers and friend

388. Campground walk with family and friends

389. Catching a toad


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