Week of July 16, 2012

Eucharisteoto express gratitude
Counting my way to one thousand gifts…

Monday, July 16, 2012

444. Cool number 🙂

445. Red squirrel going back and forth through chain-link fence holes, funny-cute

446. VBS plans coming together

447. Calmest first night of VBS in the pre-K/K class

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

448. Strong breeze on a hot day

449. Working on a blog post that birthed another as it awaits completion

450. Reminders… God, in His grace and mercy, reminding my heart of what He’d laid on it

451. Ann Voskamp’s Haiti posts

452. “Hug or High Five” game at VBS

453. Little ones chasing bubbles… laughter and sparkling eyes

baby catbird in mock orange

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

454. Rain in the night

455. Cold milk

456. Grace to get through teaching Bible lessons when I’m tired and fuzzy-minded

457. Being blessed to share Christ’s love with young children

458. Bright eyes watching and ears listening

459. No one being yelled at for spilling drinks in our classroom

460. Children excited to have found chocolate chips in their snack bag mixes

461. No food allergies in our class

462. Stain coming out of my new shirt

463. Baby catbird and its mama doing her job to distract me from the nest

mama catbird distracting me from her nest

464. Missing Jonathan while he’s at camp – I need to remember that my job is to RAISE him, to help him grow into a man who knows how to make his own choices – for GOD – and stand for what he knows is right

465. Letting go of resentment when I had to get up and out of bed before I felt rested and ready

466. Enjoying blueberries with the redheads

467. The fresher smell of the breeze coming through my dining room window

468. No counter space because of the fresh produce my husband brought home from the bigger farmer’s market

469. Jeff sharing a gardening memoir-type book from the 1800s… love the writing style!

470. Time to work on lessons

471. How pretty Alter Eco’s purple jasmine rice is before it’s cooked and how pretty and yummy it is after

472. I will mess up… but God won’t

still following me away from the nest?

473. Shaved-smooth legs

474. I could study Scripture every minute for the rest of my life and would never reach the end of learning or deepening intimacy with God

Thursday, July 19, 2012

475. Getting free from the clutches of bad dreams, praying away the cobweb-sticky tendrils that clung and disturbed

476. Being prepared… enough

477. Chipmunk, poker-straight tail, running across the road

478. Picking up Jonathan tomorrow!

479. Fresh-soft bread

480. Sliced tomato on my sandwich

481. Body spray that doesn’t make me sneeze

loving God’s Word…

482. Printer still working and not running out of paper

483. Girls to watch the littles at Bible Study.

484. Kids so excited to buy mosquito nets for families in Mali that they empty their piggy banks

485. Reminder that we can’t let the monotonous mundane lull us into thinking that life can’t change, or end, in an instant… I pray that the family that died today when the tractor-trailer hit their vehicle knew You, Lord!

Friday, July 20, 2012

486. Time reading and discussing Scripture with Joel

487. Blog post posted

488. Beautiful morning

489. Bible commentaries

490. It’s pick up Jonathan day!

491. Wow, I’m already almost halfway to 1000!

492. Three-year-old who wants to hold my hand going downstairs

493. Listening to the redheads happily sing VBS songs

494. Antiperspirant/deodorant

495. Everyone home, safe and sound

496. Jonathan wanting to go back to the same camp next year

Saturday, July 21, 2012

497. Gifts that don’t get written down because I’m too busy living them

498. Getting teary when the VBS classes sing their songs up front

499. Chatting at church picnic with people I don’t often see – maybe if the “regulars” keep making connections, we’ll see them more often…

500. Beautiful weather for the VBS Family Picnic

501. More than halfway “there,” though I don’t plan to stop at 1000 – and I get to speak to the entire church about gratitude and grace next Sunday

Sunday, July 22, 2012

502. Another beautiful morning – one of these days I’ll be back on schedule

503. Family at picnic, half back on a Sunday morning

504. Baby-holding time

505. Spotted piglets and children loving them

506. Sweetcorn

507. Grace and mercy to overcome my ingratitude, petty resentment, and childish crankiness


2 thoughts on “Week of July 16, 2012

    1. Isn’t VBS great?!? This year we did “Adventures on Promise Island: Where Kids Discover GOD’s Lifesaving Love.”
      474… So grateful for God’s Word!
      Thanks for the response!

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