Two weeks in October…

Seeking the Giver through recognizing and expressing gratitude for His gifts…

Monday, October 1, 2012 – Sunday, October 14, 2012

Apple Picking
Thanks for the photo, Brianne!

902. Another month

903. Yummy breakfast

904. Walk with a friend

905. Rain holding off

906. Baby time

907. Quiet time

908. Jeff starting our day with prayer

909. Nora having fun picking apples with her classmates

910. Yummy Macoun apples

911. No one getting stung by the yellowjackets attracted to our picnic lunch at the orchard

912. Jonathan proud of the book he’s making in the home school group art class

913. Joel enjoying Cub Scouts

Lord, please help me to see You, the Giver… the greatest Gift…

914. Soft t-shirt and flannel pjs

915. Pandora Internet radio

916. Hearing my husband reading to our kids

917. Hot water in the morning for my shower

918. The colors of the leaves

919. Getting to better know new-ish friends and kids having fun together

920. Juicy pork chops

921. Black pepper

922. God’s infinite creativity

923. Full sock drawer

924. Visible progress – loving taking down old wallpaper!

925. Psalm 138:8

926. God’s faithfulness to get me through that which He wants me to do

927. Safe travel, and fellowship, for church harvest supper

928. Smiling babies


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