Beyond Molasses Creek

by Nicole Seitz

This is the story of Ally Green and the people from whom she is divided by circumstances and choices, but to whom she is also bound. The stories of Ally, Sunila, and Vesey affirm the truth that although circumstances can limit our choices in life, they don’t eliminate them. We are always free to choose how we look at our circumstances, and those moment-by-moment choices determine the type of people we are.

It’s also a book about the amazing ways God works.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to matter to the author or characters what one chooses to believe about God. I assumed that a novel received for free for review through “Christian” publisher Thomas Nelson’s BookSneeze program would be Christian fiction. There are many mentions of gods, some of God, and a few of a cross-shaped clothesline, but the necessity of Jesus Christ is absent. Biblical standards were flouted. Premarital sex and divorce are treated casually, and in the end, lying is ok as long as it’s done to make someone feel good. Heaven is a pleasant place where we are reunited with everyone we love, though they might have to finish a reincarnation process first. Christianity is just one valid option among many, and even if you choose it, you still get to make God in your image and practice it as you see fit. It is irresponsible for Thomas Nelson to publish work that denies capital G Gospel and capital T Truth.

I requested this book because of the mention in its blurb of a young woman escaping slavery in Nepal. I appreciate attempts to raise awareness of human trafficking and modern-day slavery, but the handling of the subject was another letdown.

I won’t recommend this book, lest I validate insidious “all paths to God” spirituality.


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