Blessing Others through Obedience

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yesterday, during morning devotions with the kids (yes, trying again to get into a good routine that goes beyond just spending a few minutes reading to discussion and application!), we read about Philip meeting and ministering to the Ethiopian man who had visited Jerusalem and was reading Isaiah as he traveled home in his chariot.

It got me thinking about obedience, and how important it is… how important our obedience, MY obedience, is to others.

After Philip explained Isaiah’s prophecy to the man, told him about Jesus’ fulfillment, and baptized him, the Holy Spirit took him where He next wanted him. But that’s not how Philip came to the Ethiopian man. Philip was told to go down a particular road. No explanation, just go. Philip went. When he came upon the man reading in the chariot he was given his next instruction: to stay near the man.

Philip heard what he was reading and asked if he understood. The Ethiopian man needed someone to explain. Philip was right where he needed to be when he needed to be there. Because he was obedient, he was blessed to be used by God as the Holy Spirit granted this man understanding of the Gospel. God could have just put him there, but Philip was given the choice to be obedient.

It’s the choice we’re given each moment.

How many times have we missed the opportunity to give someone reason to rejoice like the Ethiopian man did after Philip was taken away?

Philip and the Man From Ethiopia

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