Many people have been interested in the diamante poems, so I thought I’d bring this February 2013 post back for a visit.

Next time the kids get out the diamante stickers we made for an academic-fair activity, I’ll have to get the camera out to capture a new batch of poems for you!

I’ve added basic instructions for creating your own diamante poems at the end of the post. Have fun!

This week’s post brought to you by my two favorite boys… with a little help from my favorite little girl…

Diamante Poems

farm plant diamante poem, root to corn
by Joel, age 7

Jonathan diamante 1

nature weather diamante poem, rainy night vs calm morning
by Jonathan, age 11… Yup, there’s a typo.

diamante art supplies

Joel nature seasons diamante poem, winter vs spring
by Joel, age 7

diamante right word

Jonathan nature diamante poem, plant vs rock
by Jonathan, age 11

Nora diamante 2

Nora diamante 1
Not to be outdone… Nora, age 4


Diamante poems are seven lines long. The first and seventh lines have only one word each. The second and sixth have two. The third and fifth have three. The fourth has four. This creates the diamond shape.

As each line contains a specific number of words, it also contains a specific type.


adjective adjective

-ing verb  -ing verb -ing verb

noun       noun       noun       noun

-ing verb  -ing verb  -ing verb

adjective adjective


The first step is to choose two nouns that contrast in some way. The rest of the poem describes them.

The first two adjectives describe the first noun; the three verbs ending in -ing in Line 3 also describe the first noun.

The middle line, Line 4, is where our transition occurs. The first two verbs are related to the first noun, while the second two are related to the final noun. The verbs in Line 5 and the adjectives in Line 6 describe the final noun of Line 7.

There you have it! A diamante.

April 2015: Check out these new diamante poems!


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