Enjoying God’s creativity while employing ours!

bald eagle at Thompson Park

This bald eagle lives at the New York State Zoo at Thompson Park. Sometimes it makes me a little sad to see them living in an enclosure, unable to soar. But the reality for them is they are limited to the ground and can’t even reach the top of their enclosure. Both were found injured, with broken wings that could not heal well enough for flight.

Next up, one of the zoo’s wolverines. Not at all like Hugh Jackman! BUT amusing when awake…

wolverine jogging with tongue hanging out

wolverine drinking



This little guy visited our yard. He was a bit curious about us, but we were far more curious about him. It was the first, and so far only, time I saw a (live) “wild” porcupine.


Jeff got this shot of the tiniest tree frog I’ve ever seen.

tiny yellow tree frog

One of the kids took this picture of a crayfish… crawfish…crawdad… ┬áIt lost a claw at some point, but the new one is catching up in size to the other.

Chambers crayfish kid shot


Bullhead Caught and Released

Joel loves his frogs!

Joel Caught a Frog at the Creek

You know summer is… ending… over… woolly bear caterpillar.

woolly bear


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