What happens when a creative woman who loves God gets tons of dirty broken glass? Beauty… MOHLOM…

cabinet knobs from MOHLOM
cabinet knobs from MOHLOM

If you read Monday’s post, you probably noticed the photo of the lovely fused glass cross from MOHLOM. If you clicked on the photo, you found yourself at MOHLOM’s Etsy page. If you didn’t, let me tell you more, and then you should check it out for yourself!

fused glass pendant from MOHLOM
fused glass pendant from MOHLOM

You’re looking at the art of Mary Jackowski. If you’re wondering about the name of her business, it stands for “more of HIM, less of me,” which echoes John the Baptist’s cry in John 3:30.

glass night light from MOHLOM
glass night light from MOHLOM

If you’ve been around my Fun Fridays or Thankful Thursdays for a while, you know I like glass. Our annual trip to CMOG is one of our favorite things. I not only love MOHLOM’s glass, I love the philosophy, the heart, behind the work.

paperweight MOHLOM
paperweight MOHLOM

From Mary Jackowski’s Etsy profile:

The items that I make are made from recycled glass. My aunt is a glass blower and she gives me the scrap off her blow pipe, which I take and clean up. It comes broken and dirty, much like us. But I clean it up, break it, fuse it together in a kiln and it comes out bright, shiny and beautiful. Much like God does with us.

brooch MOHLOM

She also believes in keeping her prices low; she remembers the days of seeing a piece of jewelry she loved but could not afford.

fused glass pendant MOHLOMIf you haven’t clicked over on any of the item photos, check out the MOHLOM Etsy page. You can also like MOHLOM on Facebook.

2015 update: MOHLOM now has a website!

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