Photos, taken by Jeff, from our recent visit to the F.R. Newman Arboretum, part of the Cornell Plantations at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.

cornell arboretum
We’ve explored MacDaniels Nut Grove several times, but this was our visit to the arboretum.
Cornell arboretum Micah 6:8
Cornell arboretum
…not the first thing I’d expect to see…
Cornell arboretum Micah 6:8
…at Cornell University.
Sculpture Garden Cornell arboretum
“Mommy, look! It looks like toilet paper!”
Canada geese Cornell
Angry birds!! (Is that copyright infringement?!?)
Cornell arboretum pond
Apparently the fish, and other creatures, are used to being fed. Next time we’ll bring bread.
painted turtle Cornell arboretum
Energetic and hungry painted turtle.
blue dragonfly Cornell arboretum
I love dragonflies. I’d never seen so many of the same color in the same place!
sparrow walking on lily pads Cornell arboretum
Walking on lily pads!
brother & sister Cornell arboretum
spiderweb on car Cornell arboretum
Interesting! But time to head home…

Worshiping God by enjoying His creativity and employing ours!


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