Love is… Patient

Those of you who follow me on Twitter, or have liked my Facebook page, might have seen that I’m still working through 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a, while letting it work through me.

1Cor13 01

Last week I challenged you to really read this familiar but too-little-applied passage, and prayerfully consider a practical way in which you could make your love look more like one of the attributes. And I realized that I need to work on “Love is patient” in my family.

1Cor13 02

1Cor13 03b

So, that’s how it has been going for me… I’m still not remembering to count, but I – the one who advised “something practical and measurable” – am remembering to be more mindful of my tone.

1Cor13 04

Rod Lampard, over at Gratia Veritas Lumens, has also taken a closer look at the passage, and you can read about how he found that “Love hopes all things” leads one toward “Love is patient.”

1Cor13 05

I find “love is kind” no less convicting than “love is patient.”

1Cor13 07

1Cor13 08

This is the main place I am in gaining wisdom from the Word.

I’m being pruned so I can better represent Christ’s love to those around me.

On Monday, I referred to John 15:1-11. My husband pointed out how we often hear about staying connected, abiding, in the vine, and even that we can do nothing apart from it – apart from Him… but we rarely talk about the Vinedresser’s pruning…

So, how about you?

Are you making time to be in God’s Word?

What wisdom are you gaining there?

Are you undergoing pruning… maybe pruning more painful than mine-at-the-moment?

Don’t fight it. Find Him within the pain. Remember the beautiful, bountiful fruit that will result…

Grenache grapes from Santa Barbara County Cali...
Photo credit: Wikipedia – Josh McFadden

If you’re willing to share, I’d love to pray for you. Reply here (if you have not previously commented, your post will have to be approved by me, so let me know if you’d prefer it to remain private), or send me a private message through Facebook.


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