Big Brother's Shadow
Big Brother’s Shadow


Looking at the photos I posted as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge

As sharing the reality of my experience with depression drew a different audience than earlier posts, so has my photo post, people looking for something different than those who were encouraged by what I share of what God teaches me on my faith journey.

It’s funny the difference a tag can make…

What do people see when they look at my pictures?

No, Down Here...
No, Down Here…

It makes me consider again what I try to capture as I use my camera alongside my pen in gift-listing. It’s not enough to look for gifts. It is pursuit of the Giver that makes them true grace-bearers. As I shared with my church family on Sunday, I must begin and end with God. To record grace, EVERYTHING must be rooted in gratitude. First for what Christ did for me on the cross. Am I truly grateful? Do I trust the Love that would go to such lengths? If so, I must, and can, choose to accept each moment, regardless of what it contains, as a gift…

For You
For You

There is grace available in each moment. Refusing to trust God for it through the hard times is tragic. We choose greater trauma, and more pain, when we try to run from our pain and from the Comforter.

We even arrogantly bring tragedy to inconvenience by shortsightedly allowing annoyance and frustration to drive a wedge between us and God; missing His whisper in the clamor of our discontent, missing the grace, missing the blessing.

And then there’s the mundane.

If my pictures accomplish nothing else, they have shown me how choosing to be grateful to God in each moment transforms each moment.

fern in sunlight

If I missed it during shutter-snaps at the sliver in my older son’s foot, I noticed looking back how little injuries allow me to be Mommy. My kids are reminded that they need and want me. Slivers, scrapes, bumps and bruises drive them to seek and receive comfort. They give them something they can endure and overcome. And, as with my son taking over the tweezers, injuries allow them to mature and give them chances to prove they can live what they’ve learned.

What’s your sliver? Are you trying to deny the pain? Do you long for the grace?

bottles from underground

Pain and loss are inevitable realities of this life. But God loves you even more than I could ever love my kids. More than you can imagine.

He IS Love.

Where ever you are right now, He’s waiting for You to notice Him, His outstretched hand… the nail-scarred hand that offers grace to transform all  your moments.

Parking Lot Edge Daisy


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