What I want for Christmas is…

…to get Alvaro Armando Corado Figueroa sponsored.  Alvero

As some of you know, Compassion is running a “What I want for Christmas” campaign. My “Christmas child” is Alvaro.

Alvaro is seven, but looks younger. His birthday is September 3. He lives in El Salvador with his mother and grandfather. His grandfather is sometimes employed as a farmer; his mother maintains the home. Alvaro helps by gathering firewood and running errands. There are two children in the family.

This very cute little boy enjoys soccer, playing with marbles, and bicycling. He attends Bible class regularly, but is not currently in school. Your love and support will help Alvaro develop physically, mentally and spiritually. Please pray for him.

From Compassion: “Across El Salvador, thousands of children like Alvaro face a harsh, daily struggle for survival. Many children go for days with little or no food, or have little access to safe drinking water. They are often sheltering in unhygienic conditions where disease, violence and abuse overshadow their lives. No wonder many live in constant fear and danger.

“But through the Compassion sponsorship program, children like Alvaro are being given the chance of a lifetime to break free from poverty, receive an education for the first time and know what it is to feel loved, valued and highly esteemed as one of God’s precious children…

“By committing to sponsor Alvaro, you will be helping Compassion focus on his individual development needs, while also considering the needs of his family and community. Working in partnership with the local church, Compassion is committed to meeting the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of each child they care for…

“The benefits of your sponsorship will be felt among Alvaro’s family and wider community. Compassion assisted children often teach the rest of their family what they are learning in their Compassion project and, as they live out the Christian values they have been taught, many children grow up to become influential change makers in their communities.”

Christmas and Compassion in El Salvador

As more of you know, my family sponsors Compassion children, and we hope to share the blessing of child sponsorship with others.

Meet our kids:







Info about my precious kids to follow…

If you would like to give Alvaro, or another child, and yourself the Christmas gift of sponsorship, contact me.

I would be glad – ecstatic – to let you know how you can sponsor Alvaro, or connect you with your child through Compassion or World Hope International. Interested? Click “Comment” below to let me know, or drop me an email or message on Facebook…

2 thoughts on “What I want for Christmas is…

  1. Thanks, Dave! I’m always excited when another of “your” kids is sponsored, and appreciate your posting them on Facebook. I have participated in two Compassion Sundays so far, but this is the first time I have tried to find a sponsor for one particular child. To be honest, I am always a little disappointed by the (lack of) response when I offer my brothers and sisters in Christ the opportunity to be blessed to be a blessing to a child. Whenever I look at Alvaro’s picture, I want to hug him! He looks so vulnerable. Thank you for all you do to give precious children hope by connecting them with sponsors.

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